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Upcoming art show at The Camel in Richmond, VA

I’m thrilled to announce an upcoming showing of my paintings, drawings and prints at The Camel in Richmond, VA.  The opening reception is Wednesday, December 7 from 8-10pm and it will be followed directly by a free concert featuring J3 Project, the Air Circus and Phil Dice.  Don’t miss it!

If you’re here for the first time, feel free to check out the artwork in the various galleries, some links to our performances under the music tab, and upcoming art and music events on the calendar. Thanks for visiting!

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EQ Produktions Article in RVA Mag

RVA Magazine, Richmond’s premier underground culture and music mag has posted a great write-up on EQ Produktions, a local music promoting business founded by Jesse Pruitt and Mike Holderfield, friends that have worked closely with the local music scene over the last few years. They’ve broken out over the last year or so, expanding their reach and presence in the area, all the while bringing attention to an excellent and diverse group of musicians. Last winter (December and March) I added my live drawing projections to several of their shows (Existor and Pretty Lights, Orchard Lounge) and received a mention in the article as well as several shots of my work at their shows.
Take a look!



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Orchard Lounge @ Canal Club

On Friday, January 23, 2009 I set up to create live drawing projections at the Canal Club for the Orchard Lounge show. Orchard Lounge is a Chicago-based DJ collective, and the show proved to be a lot of fun for a crowd of over 600. I’ve included all the images that I drew over the course of the 3 1/2 hour set in the live drawing section of the site. Have a look! orchard-lounge-dave-klemencic2

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Art Opening @ ALB Tech on February 6

Stay tuned for more info, but we’ve scheduled an art opening in the Gallery @ ALB Tech for the first Friday of February. The show will run all month, but the opening on the 6th will feature live music by the Former Champions, live drawing projections, tons of new artwork, complimentary cups of Diet Rite and those mixed peanuts they have at other fancy receptions. Located next to VCU campus at 1208 W. Main, ALB has been the hot spot for art, music and technology over the last year.


Owned and operated by Adam Bell, ALB is host to a variety of enterprises including the gallery space featuring cutting edge artwork, a live music space that’s featured great musicians from all over the region including Southside Funk, Aquabatics, Itation, KBH Trio (featuring Bell and Huppmann) and the 29th Division. The Tech side offers web design, computer sales and repairs, and has gone to great lengths to bring many artists, musicians and businesses in general into the 21st Century.

The show itself will feature original paintings new and old, traditional screen prints and lithographs, digital prints of both the paintings and live drawings from projections. Opening to coincide with the kick-off of the new website, it’s shaping up to be the premier art and culture event in Richmond for the month of February.

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New Prints!

8-Bit DJ

Visit the store for our latest offerings!

***For a limited time- order any print from the series and receive a set of 4×6 prints of the additional images from the series!***

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The Chemists!

Forrest Young performing with the Chemists at Cafe Diem on Monday, November 19, 2007.
The Chemists include Brian Mahne on piano and Rhodes, John Small on bass and Forrest Young on drums.

Brian Mahne performs regularly as the pianist of the DJ Williams Projekt, and is involved in a number of other top-notch local acts such as The Big Payback and Mark Ingraham’s Bungalo 6.

Among other things, bassist John Small is known particularly for his work touring with the Pat McGee band. He , Mahne and Forrest have worked relentlessly to pull this project together, and their efforts have paid off. Pulling from a wide catalog of music, they include numerous highly scripted original pieces and a strong catalog of challenging covers including Rush’s YYZ, tunes by the Bad Plus and much more. They’ve been performing Monday nights at Cafe Diem for the last month or so, and are scheduled to continue there for the near future. Don’t miss this band! Their dynamic shifts from swing to rock and Brazilian jazz to fusion are impeccable. These three bring a casual professionalism to the table that is seldom witnessed in live music today. And they rock.

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