Dave Klemencic

Art. Music. Words.

Dave is currently performing with two primary outfits, the Air Circus and the LarJar Band.  He’s operated under a variety of formats and guises in the recent past, including Southside funk, Shiva Star, the 29th Division and the Boulevard Duo and Trio.  Playing electric piano and organ, Dave has been a regular feature on the Richmond scene over the last five years.

The Air Circus features Evan Howard on keyboards, Robin Anderson on drums, Dave on organ, synth and electric guitar.  They first played out in December of 2010 and continue regular performances around Virginia.  The band features a variety of guests, not the least of which is DJ Phil Dice, who has provided opening and set-break jams and sat in with the band on guitar and bass on numerous occasions.

LarJar was formed with Alen and Jason Jarrell, two original members of the band Seven Pound Star, the LarJar Band held down a weekly Wednesday night gig at Cary Street Cafe for three years, followed by a similar run at City Dogs.   Skirting the edges of rock, funk, jazz and experimental electronica, the band performs regularly with guitarist Justin Huppmann and a number of other local musicians.

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Southside Funk is an 8-member funk/jazz/rock ensemble that performs in Richmond and throughout the Southeast.  Assembled by Justin Huppmann, the band has evolved over the years into a musical powerhouse that will knock your face off.  The Funk Band has shared the stage with lots of  great acts including the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Former Champs, Basshound and many more.  They perform most regularly at Emilio’s in Richmond, and have played everywhere from Canal Club and Friday Cheers to the Jewish Mother in Va Beach and the Blind Tiger down in Greensboro, NC.  The recently released “Junx” disc is a powerful sampling of what the Funk Band is capable of.  Burning solos and devastating horn lines will keep you coming back for more.

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The Mighty Leslie-900 Series speaker cab.  It is currently out of action.=(
Highlights from LarJarFest 2008, 29th Division is visible in the last 1/3 of the clip.  11th House and the Former Champions are also featured.